Full Wedding Planning - starting at $3500.00

My wedding planning services encompass all aspects of creating your dream wedding day from determining your budget, to finding the best venue for you, floral planning, and picking out the perfect decor to bring it all together. This is where attention to detail counts. The experience, guidance and assistance you need to help you build your dream team (and on your targeted budget) to help make your special day everything you’ve always dreamed of, and your journey to get there a pleasant one.


Partial Wedding Planning - starting at $1750.00

This package is perfect for that DIY couple that want's to be involved in the entire wedding planning process but wishes to have a wedding professional advise them along the way! Having a professional review your contracts, negotiate pricing, recommend vendors, and assist with styling & decor is extremely helpful for those who aren't familiar with the wedding planning process. We'll work together as a team to make your dream wedding come true!


Month of Coordinator - $1200

A better way to describe the “Month Of” Wedding Coordination is to call it a Professional Wedding Manager.  At this point in the process, you will already have chosen all of your vendors and are looking for someone to handle the details in the final weeks and be by your side on your wedding day to insure that all of your needs are met and that your vision for the most important day of your life becomes a reality. Let yourself enjoy the final moments of your final fittings, pre family celebrations, and bachelorette party while I handle final payments and confirmations from your vendors! 


Day of Coordinator - $800

This package is perfect for those couples that have done all the legwork but want to enjoy their special day! At this point you’ve sent the invites, secured your vendors and puzzled together the details. Trust EBJ to put the final touches on your wedding day to make certain you haven’t missed a thing. I will manage your ceremony/reception and be on site to coordinate vendors, wedding party and guests. Up to 8 hours of coverage. 


Planning & Design Consultation - hourly

My hourly, one on one consulting, is created for the couples that are willing to do all the hard work that comes within the wedding planning process but would like a professional to give them guidance and advice. This is where you get to ask all the important wedding planning questions you're trying to get answered on wedding blogs and YouTube videos!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a DOC and a Wedding Planner?

A planner is typically working with you at the very beginning stages of your planning process to do just that, plan the wedding with you. They attend vendor meetings with you assisting in any decisions you need help with and handle majority of the legwork.

A Day Of Coordinator enters the timeline 2 weeks prior to the big day to ensure that your plans are executed exactly as expected! A DOC is perfect for that DIY couple who want to be free of the stresses the day-of brings.

My wedding venue offers an On-Site-Coordinator already, do I really need a DOC?

Simply put, absolutely! The reason why is because the venues day of coordinator doesn't actually work for you, they work for the venue. Which means they get pulled away numberous times to attend to staffing issues or maintenance concerns.

When you hire a DOC they are employed by you, which means their time and attention is fully dedicated towards you and your event!

Do I need extra help if my family and friends have already offered?

The quick reply to that question is to remind you that your bridal party and family are invited guests and not staff. They should be able to enjoy the day, along with the rest of the attendees, free from tasks. The longer answer is much deeper. Do they have the personality for it; organized, remain calm under pressure, displays leadership in emergency situations? Are they reliable; are they the type that makes the offer of assistance but can’t be found when needed? One of the most important roles a DOC provides is to shield the bride and groom from unneeded stress. Hiring a Day Of Coordinator is assurance that you, and all your loved ones, will be able to enjoy the day to the fullest.

What area do you serve? Do you travel?

I currently do business out of Las Vegas, NV and Phoenix, AZ. I do travel with all travel accommodations compensated.